Positively Parenting

Reinforcing positive parenting skills

Children are our most valuable resource. They will create the future that we will live in. What will that look like?

One thing that we cannot get back is our childhood; however, what we can do is give our children the best childhood we are able to. Positively Parenting builds on our natural abilities of love, nurturing and wisdom.

We know what children need because once we were like them and had these same needs also.

Positively Parenting is a programme that runs for ten weeks during the school term time for parents and caregivers.

Parents will learn:

  • To understand their child’s behaviour;
  • Discipline;
  • Parenting styles;
  • To build on positive strengths;
  • Rewarding good behaviour;
  • Responsible parenting;
  • Self care & time out for parents;
  • Support networks;
  • Consequences, natural and logical;
  • Playing and having fun with children;
  • Language of encouragement;
  • Families – How do we fit?