Supporters, Sponsors & Funders

Grants and Community Support

Trust Waikato

Funding support enabling the replacement of air conditioning units in staff open plan office 2018.

In 2017 Trust Waikato also assisted with the upgrade of our computer system and the running of night classes for the Incredible Years Parenting Programme.

ANZ Foundation

ANZ Foundation have supported the development of Nga Manaakitangata, a support group for grandparents parenting their grandchildren 2018.

Harcourts Foundation

Thank you to Harcourts Foundation who have funded the replacement of air conditioning units in therapy rooms June 2018.

Len Reynolds Trust

Support for administration costs 2017 – 2018

Grime Off

Parentline staff and board members appreciate the support of Ryan and the team at Grime Off Hamilton.  Thanks for our sparkling clean building and thank you for the support to further develop services for kids with a focus on taking those services to our schools.

Urban Homes

Building maintenance has been further prioritised with the support of Daniel and the team at Urban Homes Hamilton.  Thank you for your contribution.










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Government Funders

Ministry of Social Development – Partnering for Outcomes and Oranga Tamariki, Ministry for Vulnerable Children 

Government continue to reshape the way it delivers social services to clients and families, to ensure that the funds deliver the help needed. There is a  focus on results – what is actually being achieved for families that makes a difference to their lives.

Parentline has held a 3 year High Trust/ Integrated Outcomes contract since 2010. Funding due to commence 1 July 2018 funds services through to 30th June 2019 and 30th June 2020.

Alongside our counselling and social work services out present contracts include funding for services aligned to the Hamilton Integrated Safety Programme Pilot and the Hamilton Children’s Team.

Under an Integrated Outcomes Contract there is:

  • A short simple funding agreement
  • Payment of funding is up front, in annual instalments
  • Meaningful, outcomes focused, year-end reporting
  • A focus on outcomes – results are agreed and described
  • Flexible service delivery – enabling providers to better meet the needs of families and their local community
  • A customised approach – recognising the holistic needs of families and ensuring that the contract reflects this.




Parentline is contracted by the Ministry to deliver the parenting programme, Incredible Years.  This is a programme for parents with children aged between 3 – 7 years and is held over a 14 week period.



The Ministry of Justice funds two services provided by Parentline:

  1. KAVe – a 10 week programme for children who have witnessed domestic violence and for whom there is a Protection Order in place.
  2. A Prevention & Education programme working in Maori communities where there is evidence of harmless sexual behaviour.


Ministry of Health – Waikato DHB

Waikato DHB contract Parentline to provide 1 FTE of social work support which is aligned to the Hamilton Children’s Team.

Waikato District Health Board