Manaakitia mai

Unfortunately this service is not available at the moment.  We recommend you contact Grandparents Raising Grandchildren for support.


Supporting grandparents raising mokopuna

Unfortunately this service is temporarily unavailable.

Recent changes in family and society have meant that many grandparents are playing a bigger and more responsible part in caring for mokopuna. This has created additional pressures on their time, their health and their finances.

A report from the Families Commission in March 2012, estimated that 12,000 grandparents in New Zealand are raising one or more of their grandchildren. This is usually because of some trauma or tragedy that has pulled the family apart: death, drug use, crime or family violence.

Manaakitia mai is a service that supports Kaumaatua. It helps reduce stress, promote and preserve the wellbeing of whānau and maximise stability in the lives of mokopuna in circumstances where the children are no longer in the care of their parents as a consequence of domestic violence.

Kaumaatua will learn about:

  • The legal issues and implications of raising mokopuna
  • Eligibility of entitlements and benefits for raisingmokopuna
  • Keeping mokopuna safe
  • Building a healthy, trusting relationship with mokopuna
  • The effects of domestic violence on children
  • The signs and symptoms of abuse — what does the behaviour mean?
  • Other Parentline services available for mokopuna