Who we are

Our vision is encapsulated in our logo
“safe family, safe child
maru i te whanau maru i te tamariki.”

Parentline was established in 1978. We are governed by a Board of six trustees, supported by our Chief Executive and management team to ensure services and operations are aligned to the Board’s strategic priorities. We employ qualified and experienced counsellors, social workers and art therapists who work directly with clients.

Parentline is an approved NZ Government Social Services Accredited Provider at Level 2.

We work with children who have been traumatised by abuse and domestic violence. We also provide advice and support to parents and caregivers and counselling for children who present with challenging behaviours in the classroom and playground. We are a Child Advocate and have a policy of zero tolerance to domestic violence.

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What we do

In addition to individual interventions, Parentline also offers group counselling & education programmes

Services provided to children:

  • Individual counselling – using art, play, music, sand play and narrative therapeutic modalities
  • Groups sessions catering for education, intervention and therapy with children & their parents

We also provide parenting programmes and a grandparents parenting grandchildren programme.

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Why we do it

We are committed to:

  • Advocating for the paramountcy of the child and family
  • Having a zero tolerance to abuse and domestic violence against children
  • Sector leadership
  • Delivery of evidence based and outcome measured services
  • Research, education and training to support the “best” in service delivery