Parentline Staff Bios

  • Sue Hardley

    Job Title: Chief Executive Officer

    With a passion for advocating for children and supporting staff/organisations through change processes, I joined Parentline in 2015.

    Completing Strategic Leadership papers helped me reconnect with the values instilled in me from a young age, in particular to be able to help others.  This study  allowed me to identify my passion for the not-for-profit sector and saw me move from management in the health sector to 8 years in an Area Leadership role with Plunket Waikato prior to my employment as CEO of Parentline.

    Playing a role in the development of community lead initiatives, and truly representing the communities we serve, has solidified the reputation and history of Parentline within the Family Violence and Trauma Based Care sectors in the Waikato. I have had the pleasure and the honour of being part of significant change across the sector in our Waikato Area over the last 15 years. This has included a plethora of opportunities from a governance level to front line facilitation alongside our team. All of these initiatives are driving a reform of systems for working with whānau to achieve better outcomes and to build better futures for our vulnerable kids.

    On a personal level I have had a history of involvement with and in my own community.  From school boards and sports committees to being a member of the working group which established the Its OK to Ask For Help Campaign in Ōtorohanga and supporting the same kaupapa, serving for 2 years on the board of the Waitomo Waipa Women’s Refuge.

    I am indeed a proud resident of Ōtorohanga, our turanagawaewae, and a staunch one-eyed supporter of Ōtorohanga Sports (Rugby) Club. My spare time is spent with my family, I have two daughters and sons-in-law and two wonderful grandchildren Zac and Kanohi-Marama.

  • Reuben

    Job Title: Service Delivery Lead

  • Zayne

    Job Title: Business Support Lead

  • Ruia

    Job Title: Receptionist

  • Alby

    Job Title: Caseworker/Whānau Coordinator

  • Bianca

    Job Title: Caseworker/Whānau Coordinator

  • Corina

    Job Title: Caseworker/Counsellor


    Ko wai au? Who am I?  He Mâori Ahau!

    I am Mâori woman that has derived from a lineage of navigators.  The gift of navigation passed down by my ancestors, has served me well as I have travelled the many seas in my life.

    I am a Mother of 7 incredible children of Mâori, Moriori, Cook Island, Samoan, Tongan, Scottish, Irish and Australian descent.  I am also a whângai Mother to a further 9 amazing young adults that also call me Mum.

    I am a Glam-Ma to 10 gorgeous Mokopuna who are descendants of the cultures previously named, as well as Kurdish, Scandinavian and Pakeha.  My whanau are by far the most precious taonga in my life, as they are my greatest teachers.  Besides my whanau I have also furthered my knowledge through many different lenses.

    Being raised in the melting pot of South Auckland, I have a keen comprehension that each culture has its own identity and ways of being.  This knowledge provided me with a rich base to navigate further in education.

    A graduate of Waikato University (BSocSc-Major in Psych, 2021), Community Psychologist;  -Primary School Teacher;  Residential Social Worker for Children and Whânau, Program Facilitator; Case Worker; Counsellor, just to name a few more areas I have trained and work in.

    My natural empathic and ardent nature is evident in the lives I have had the privilege of working alongside for the last 26 years.  Working with children and whânau  to support with building resilience, by tapping into their own strengths and  many tools available, is my educated skill base.  This is further highlighted with my natural gifts in communication.

    It is a privilege to introduce my heritage, and myself to you.

    Têna koutou

    Têna koutou

    Têna râ koutou katoa

  • Elanor

    Job Title: Caseworker

  • Haley

    Job Title: Caseworker/Social Worker

  • Jason

    Job Title: Group Leader Incredible Years Parenting Programme

  • Jordan

    Job Title: Caseworker

  • Julie

    Job Title: Caseworker/Whānau Coordinator

    I moved from my home country of Ireland in 2010 to Aotearoa. How lucky am I to have 2 beautiful places I call home.

    I feel blessed to be surrounded by such passionate and knowledgeable colleagues here at Parentline.

    I have gained and carried my passion for supporting whanau and tamariki over many years. I do believe you are born into this kind of mahi. I had a wonderful large family growing up that supported me in my dreams, my confidence, my independence and to strive in life to help others and my community.

    My background and qualifications are in Teaching, as well as Mental Health, Hospice care and Child Protection.

    I have a strong sense of justice and advocating through the systems to ensure vulnerable children and parents are not just heard but listened to.

    I enjoy building relationships and like to provide a safe and friendly space.

    I love to learn and gain a deeper understanding of challenging behaviour’s and how to navigate and support this with focused and positive goals. Informing our communities of trauma, abuse and family violence is important me as it takes a village.

    Outside of work I like to keep busy with my family, exploring new places and watching netflix on my down time.

  • Lynette

    Job Title: Caseworker/Counsellor

  • Maia

    Job Title: Caseworker

    My current role is supporting with admin duties and supporting whānau, providing family support, information, advice, parenting help and one on one assistance to identify their needs, goals and aspirations. Supporting their participation in key industries such as housing, education, primary health and employment. By understanding whānau situations and building relationships of trust and confidence with whānau members and taking a unique approach understanding and responding to the needs and circumstances of each whānau.

    I have previously worked as a Whānau Ora Navigator in Te Kuiti, which is very similar to the role I am in now advocating and working with families to achieve goals that they set for themselves. Working as a Whānau Ora Navigator I also co-facilitated the Incredible Years parenting programme and was a Whare Ora assessor. I also did the Supporting Early Learning contract, encouraging whanau to enrol their children in early childhood centres and helping the children to transition into schooling linking whanau up with early intervention teachers, speech therapists and helping families overcome barriers that were preventing the children from attending such as transport and food and many other tailored needs.  I thoroughly enjoy working with families who seek and want change for the better.

    Outside of work I enjoy the outdoors; going to beaches, fishing, camping, and scenic walks.

  • Natalie

    Job Title: Caseworker/Social Worker

  • Piki

    Job Title: Caseworker/Whānau Support Worker

  • Precious

    Job Title: Whānau Resilience Kaimahi

    (He uri ahau no Ngati Kahu, Ngati Hine me Ngati Porou hoki)

    Born and raised in Auckland, growing up I experienced the ongoing challenges and adversities of living in South Auckland which drove my passion for supporting and helping whānau in need. I believe that it is important to ensure that the mana of whānau is upheld, and their values and beliefs are respected and heard by listening and empowering them through their journey.

    I graduated with a tohu from Te Wananga o Aotearoa in social services bicultural in practice.

    My life experience and short journey in the social service field has allowed me to gain knowledge and experience in serving our communities. I am honoured to work alongside a diverse team of supportive and trained professionals here at Parentline. Taking on the Whānau Resilience kaimahi role has been challenging but exciting. This role has allowed me to flourish with the vision of impacting positively on the lives of others.

    I have previously worked in mental health, a new service of its kind for rangatahi with high complex needs. Working in this field was a huge eye opener for me as I was able to see why it is beneficial and crucial for children to learn skills and techniques of how to manage their feelings and emotions. This is why I really enjoy working for Parentline.

    Life outside of work, I am a mother and I enjoy returning to my turangawaewae. Family time is important to me, visiting whānau, music and Polynesian dance. I have a deep aroha and connection to the whenua and my taha māori side which continues to keep me grounded.

  • Sidney

    Job Title: Caseworker/Counsellor

  • Tina

    Job Title: Group Leader Incredible Years Parenting


  • Tracy

    Job Title: Caseworker/Whānau Coordinator

    My strong sense of justice, child advocacy, and support for the vulnerable, led me to Parentline. I have been a member of the Parentline team since May 2019.  I recognise the importance of the child’s voice, empowering others, and building and fostering relationships to promote positive change.

    My background is in teaching. I am a fully registered Early Childhood Teacher with five and a half years of teaching experience working directly with tamariki, families and whānau. I studied under the New Zealand Early Childhood curriculum “Te Whāriki” a bicultural framework designed specifically for Aotearoa. My teaching theory and practice incorporated a strong focus on relationships, empowerment, holistic development, family & community, belonging and identity.

    I hold a Bachelor of Social Sciences Degree with a Psychology major from The University of Waikato. My degree was inspired by my strong interest in community psychology, human development, and behaviour.

    A large part of my working career was undertaken at The University of Waikato.  Over a ten year period, I worked in various roles predominantly supporting and advocating for international students from diverse cultural backgrounds.

    Outside of work I am a mother, wife, sister, and daughter. An outdoor orientated family we enjoy the beach, camping, fishing, and BBQ’s.  I’m enthusiastic about op shopping, antiques, and home renovation.

  • Dennis

    Job Title: Caseworker/Counsellor
    Retired February 2023

    Facilitator: KAVe, Transformers, Drumbeats, Incredible Years Parenting

    I am passionate about working with children who have experienced abuse and/or family violence and its affects and I enjoy creating safe working relationships with the children and their family/whanau.

    As an Its OK to Ask for Help Champion in Hamilton, I work towards eliminating abuses of all forms and to engage with men who are open to getting support in reducing or eliminating violence towards women and children.

    I studied at WINTEC, Hamilton to complete my Diploma in counselling and also completed an advanced certificate in child protection studies.

    Working with Children’s groups I am a Ministry of Justice approved group facilitator.

    I feel very honoured to be in the position to support and advocate for our tamariki and their whanau.  I work for Parentline as I believe that children have the right to grow up in a safe and nurturing environment. I believe there is hope for changes in beliefs of people and aim to support them and to give them the tools to make positive changes in their lives.

    I also feel working in this agency opens doors for me to engage with children and their families in an environment that is child friendly, non-judgemental and safe from all forms of abuse.

    In my spare time, I like to attend reggae festivals and rugby league fixtures in both New Zealand and Australia.  I also like spending quality time with my wife, travel and supporting my grandchildren in their chosen endeavours.

    I also like forming trusting relationships with others outside of my working environment, including the elderly and homeless.