Job Title: Caseworker/Whānau Coordinator

I moved from my home country of Ireland in 2010 to Aotearoa. How lucky am I to have 2 beautiful places I call home.

I feel blessed to be surrounded by such passionate and knowledgeable colleagues here at Parentline.

I have gained and carried my passion for supporting whanau and tamariki over many years. I do believe you are born into this kind of mahi. I had a wonderful large family growing up that supported me in my dreams, my confidence, my independence and to strive in life to help others and my community.

My background and qualifications are in Teaching, as well as Mental Health, Hospice care and Child Protection.

I have a strong sense of justice and advocating through the systems to ensure vulnerable children and parents are not just heard but listened to.

I enjoy building relationships and like to provide a safe and friendly space.

I love to learn and gain a deeper understanding of challenging behaviour’s and how to navigate and support this with focused and positive goals. Informing our communities of trauma, abuse and family violence is important me as it takes a village.

Outside of work I like to keep busy with my family, exploring new places and watching netflix on my down time.