Parentline Staff Bios


Parentline Team October 2018

  • Sue Hardley

    Job Title: Chief Executive Officer

    With a passion for advocating for children and supporting organisations through change processes, I joined Parentline in 2015.

    Completing my Strategic Leadership papers helped me identify my passion for the not-for-profit sector and saw me move from management in the health sector to an Area Leadership role with Plunket Waikato.  I was fortunate after this role came to an end that the opportunity to lead the team at Parentline presented itself.

    Sue is pragmatic, focusses on reducing inequalities and looks for common ground – Ruth Rhodes, Waikato DHB Planning and Funding 2015.

    I have had the pleasure and the honour of being part of significant change across the sector in our Waikato Area in particular as a member of governance for the Hamilton Children’s Team and the Joint Leadership Group (Children’s Team and the Integrated Safety Response Pilot).  These initiatives are driving a reform of systems for working with whanau/families to achieve better outcomes and to build better futures for our vulnerable kids.

    Having had a history of involvement with and in my community  I was proud to be a member of the working group which established the Its OK to Ask For Help Campaign in Otorohanga.  Supporting the same kaupapa, I have recently joined the board of the Waitomo Waipa Women’s Refuge.

    My spare time is spent with my family, I have two daughters and sons-in-law and two wonderful grandchildren Zac and Kanohi-Marama.

  • Tracy Smith

    Job Title: Service Delivery Leader

    I am passionate about the work we do with vulnerable children. Being an advocate and voice for children that have experienced trauma or abuse. Ensuring they receive the support and help to overcome their worries, to arm them with strategies so what has happened to them doesn’t affect the rest of their lives. I  also believe it is important for family to receive support to help them with day to day lives, sometimes there is so much going on for a family. Being an advocate for parents can be just as important as the help we provide for the child. I also encourage parents to attend the Incredible Years program as I believe this is so beneficial for parents struggling. Everyone’s work at Parentline benefits the children and the family, which I think is a holistic approach to the family. What we can’t provide through our service we will make a referral to an organisation that can.

    My background is in nursing including; Bachelor of Comprehensive Nursing,  Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Nursing, and Post Graduate Certificate in Primary Health Care Specialty Nursing.  I have recently completed Child Protection Studies with Child Matters.

    I work in this sector because I believe what we do at Parentline makes a difference. So many children are exposed to Trauma and my hope is that the help the children receive makes a difference to their lives. To see children come and go and make progress whether it is an anxious child, a child that is bullied or a child that is angry, this is so rewarding to see. The staff at Parentline are passionate about the work they do and it is visible in the outcomes of the child as well as from the feedback from the parents and caregivers.

    In my spare time I like to travel to places I haven’t seen. I also enjoy improving my home, tiling, painting etc. I usually have several projects on the go at once. My son and daughter mean the world to me and I love hanging out with them. I am also quite partial to retail therapy, who doesn’t love new shoes, bag or piece of clothing.

  • Pare Thomson

    Job Title: Team Leader / Social Worker/ Counsellor.  Facilitator Incredible Years Parenting Programme

    KO Mataatua te waka

    KO Waiapu te awa

    KO Hine-tapora te marae

    KO Hikurangi te maunga

    KO Ngati-porou-ko whanau-apanui-ko Kai tahu te Iwi

    KO Donald Te Harangi Stirling toku papa e marena ko Sarah Malta Tu toku mama

    KO  Pare  Mereaira Thomson ahau


    Working at Parentline is such a privilege and every whanau, inclusive of their tamariki and mokopuna can bring it’s challenges and it also brings  some very magical, unique and special milestones. That is a reality for the children that come to us at Parentline and our reality working in this special field with children.

    When I started at Parentline 15 years ago I was one 20 counsellors which was the majority of Parentline workforce at the time.  I completed Sandtray Therapy Training under Maureen Woodcock who was the first NZ Trainer for Sandtray at the time.  This modality was my preferred medium because for some of our vulnerable tamariki and mokopuna open communication does not come naturally to them.  Play in any form, as we know it is the universal language for children and Sandtray therapy was a perfect fit. Sandtray involves miniature characters (figurines) that represent miniature animals, people, superhero’s, creatures sea, land, and air,  both mythical and magical and many more) . These figurines helped children to create miniature worlds that reflected their inner thoughts, struggles, fears, and worries. This was so helpful for children who have trouble expressing themselves and it was a safe space for them to engage totally in the moment. Facilitating the play assisted the child to understand the connection between the world they created in the sand and their own inner world. That by making changes in their make believe world this often empowered the child to make similar changes in their real world. For many children using this medium was safe, but most importantly the child is in charge of everything that is in the sand tray. How cool is that. This was very satisfying work on a professional level.

    Over the course of my time, here at Parentline I supported the group leaders facilitating our children’s programs (KAVE, Transformers, and Keeping Ourselves Safe) and the Incredible Years Parenting program. After 5 years as a Therapist working with children, I then decided to do further study. I completed a Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision: Auckland University, Bachelor of Social Work Degree: WINTEC Hamilton. Not long into my studies I was promoted as a Team Leader.

    This role is to provide supervision support to case workers and this brings a new perspective and a another view of children through the lens of the case worker. With the supervisory role comes another set of responsibilities which is to support the Service Delivery Leader to ensure best and safe standard of care are being met for our clients.

    Most recently my experience in the sector has brought me to complete further training as an assessor for the newly developed Diploma in Family Harm, working alongside the team at the Integreated Safety Response pilot in Hamilton.

    While my role does not directly involve children as much, nevertheless I believe the children that come to us are the heartbeat of Parentline. My passion about the needs of children will never change whether it’s at the frontline or from the rear. supporting our team.  I know that everything we do  we represent the  “Korowai” where we are the safe people, we are the safety net, and we are the helping hands, and we make a difference for the lives of children. Like our mission statement states ” Safe Whanau, Safe Tamariki”.

    My life outside Parentline is quiet, private and boring ….oh and I like boring it’s very chilling, stress free and lots of rest… LOVELY .

  • Dennis

    Job Title: Caseworker/ Counsellor,  Facilitator: KAVe, Transformers, Drumbeats, Incredible Years Parenting

    I am passionate about working with children who have experienced abuse and/or family violence and its affects and I enjoy creating safe working relationships with the children and their family/whanau.

    As an Its OK to Ask for Help Champion in Hamilton, I work towards eliminating abuses of all forms and to engage with men who are open to getting support in reducing or eliminating violence towards women and children.

    I studied at WINTEC, Hamilton to complete my Diploma in counselling and also completed an advanced certificate in child protection studies.

    Working with Children’s groups I am a Ministry of Justice approved group facilitator.

    I feel very honoured to be in the position to support and advocate for our tamariki and their whanau.  I work for Parentline as I believe that children have the right to grow up in a safe and nurturing environment. I believe there is hope for changes in beliefs of people and aim to support them and to give them the tools to make positive changes in their lives.

    I also feel working in this agency opens doors for me to engage with children and their families in an environment that is child friendly, non-judgemental and safe from all forms of abuse.

    In my spare time, I like to attend reggae festivals and rugby league fixtures in both New Zealand and Australia.  I also like spending quality time with my wife, travel and supporting my grandchildren in their chosen endeavours.

    I also like forming trusting relationships with others outside of my working environment, including the elderly and homeless.

  • Cassie

    Job Title: Caseworker/ Social Worker

  • Jan

    Job Title: Receptionist

  • Jason

    Job Title: Caseworker/ Counsellor,  Facilitator: KAVe, Transformers

  • Jo

    Job Title: Caseworker/ Counsellor


  • Julie

    Job Title: Caseworker/ Lead Professional

  • Lisa

    Job Title: Caseworker/ Social Worker, Facilitator: Incredible Years Parenting, Manaakitia Mai.  Peer Coach/Mentor – Incredible Years Parenting

  • Lynette

    Job Title: Counsellor/Caseworker

  • Matthew

    Job Title: Caseworker/ Counsellor

  • Piki

    Job Title: Caseworker/ Whanau Support Worker

  • Renee

    Job Title: Caseworker/ Counsellor,  Facilitator: KAVe, Transformers

  • Ros

    Job Title: Caseworker/ Social Worker,   Children’s Team Lead Professional

    I am a qualified social worker, who is passionate about supporting children and their families to thrive in amongst the range of challenges that they may be facing.

    I draw on my knowledge and experiences, as well as a range of social work theories such as Te Whare Tapa Wha, Eco-stystems and Strengths-based perspectives, with an emphasis on strengthening relationships and enhancing well-being.

    I have a Bachelor of Social Sciences from Waikato University as wells as a Master of Applied Social Work from Massey University.

    I enjoy spending time with my family and travelling.  This has included living in Taiwan, Japan and Scotland.  I love getting out in nature, reading fabulous books and going to Raglan and the Mount beaches.

  • Tracy

    Job Title: Caseworker/ Lead Professional

  • Trudy

    Job Title: Caseworker/ Social Worker, Lead Professional