Partnership Agreement

Ko te whakakotahitanga

o to tatou wairua manaaki

i te pupuri i te Tino Rangatiratanga

o nga whakawhanaungatanga.

The oneness

of spirit and caring

in upholding the nobility

of relationships

Policy Statement:

Parentline Charitable Trust is committed to meeting its obligations under the Treaty of Waitangi and in our vision of Keeping Children Safe from Abuse and Family Violence; through advocacy, consultation and collaboration with Maori stakeholders, professional training and responsiveness, appropriate service delivery and evidence based practice.[1]

Article 1 Article 2 Article 3
Treaty of Waitangi The Treaty guarantees to Māori a share in decision making power in organisations, at all levels. The Treaty guarantees to Māori the power to define and protect treasures. It is the responsibility of the Treaty partner to facilitate these guarantees. The Treaty guarantees Māori equality of opportunity and outcomes.
Parentline Charitable Trust’s

Strategic Response

Promotion of Māori partnerships in decision making at all levels. Effective acknowledgement and protection of Māori needs and aspirations. Inclusion of Māori participation to ensure equality of opportunity and outcomes to tamariki, mokopuna and whanau.
Parentline’s Operational Response
  1. To ensure the needs and aspirations of Māori are reflected in the development, planning and delivery of Parentline services, policies and practices
  2. To build and maintain long term, sustainable relationships with Māori.
  3. To build internal capabilities and knowledge (and thereby capacity) to enhance and increase staff responsiveness to Māori.
  4. To implement monitoring and evaluation processes to monitor the responsiveness to Māori in Parentline policies, services and processes.
  5. To work collaboratively with other agencies and stakeholders to achieve positive outcomes for Māori

[1] This commitment also acknowledges the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child and   the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.