Kids Against Violent Experiences

KAVe is an approved Ministry of Justice programme for children aged between 4-12 years who have witnessed domestic violence and are covered by a Protection Order from the Family Court. The programme is offered individually or in a group setting over nine weeks, depending on the needs of the child.

Children exhibit a wide range of reactions to violence they see in their family home. It is important to consider that children, especially younger children, typically do not have the ability to adequately express their feelings verbally. Consequently, the manifestation of these emotions is often behavioural.

KAVe is a nine week education group for children aged 5–8 years and 9–12 years.

The group covers:

  • Strengthening the bond between child and parent/caregiver
  • Addressing safety issues
  • “Breaking the family secret” of domestic violence
  • Helping children understand protection orders
  • Developing safety plans
  • Building support networks
  • Addressing and discussing separation, loss, grief and family changes