Individual Therapy

Working with a child

By far, individual work is the dominant method of engaging with children.

Parentline offers a therapeutic service to children who have been witnesses to domestic violence or victims of abuse. The service is available for children up to the age of 13 years. There is an initial assessment followed by up to 12 individual sessions over a 14 week period that includes a mid-point and end of intervention review.

We offer a service that:

  • Provides individual support that responds to the needs of the child
  • Is provided by qualified and experienced Caseworkers from a range of occupational groups – social work, counselling, art therapy, psychology
  • Offers a range of therapeutic interventions designed to help children to work through difficult and challenging emotions and to come to terms with what they have experienced or witnessed
  • Has an overall aim of building healthy interactions and increasing the skills and coping strategies of children
  • Enables parents and caregivers of children to work through their own issues whilst safe in the knowledge that their children will be receiving a specialist service aimed at supporting them through negative experiences
  • Encourages both parents and children to move on from their damaging experiences and gain strength from their relationship with each other

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