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How you can help us

As a registered charity we rely on donations to enable us to provide specialist support for children up to the age of 13 years old and their families.

There are lots of ways you can help us achieve this:

Donations: We need donations from the public to help fund our work. There are a number of ways you can make a gift now…

Bequests: A bequest left to the Parentline Charitable Trust, will be a positive and practical legacy for future generations…

Corporate Support: Building relationships with businesses is important to our work and there are many ways to support us…

Trusts & Foundations: Philanthropic giving helps fund our innovative projects…

Sponsored Challenges: You can choose Parentline as your named charity when you take part in a marathon, TV show…

Project Funding

Increased tax rebate for charitable donations!

There have been tax changes which will remove the limit on tax rebates available for donations to charities like Parentline.

At present, individuals get a rebate of one third of their annual charitable donations but this is limited to a maximum rebate of $630 for donations of $1,890. For corporate donors, the rebate is generally limited to 5% of the company’s annual net income.

Effective April 2008 these rebate caps have been removed meaning that the rebate of a third will apply irrespective of the size of your donation. The more you give the bigger your tax rebate!

The end of the financial year is a time when we encourage all donors of Parentline to claim their rebate.

To do this they must obtain a copy of the IRD rebate claim form which can be downloaded from the IRD website or by calling IRD INFO express on 0800 257 773 (quoting your IRD number).

Once the IRD Rebate Claim Form (IR 526) has been filed, this same form will be mailed by the IRD automatically each year to assist with future rebate claims.

Please bear these changes in mind when considering making donations to Parentline and if you have any questions, please contact Sue Hardley CEO.

How Can You Help?

We appeal to the community and friends of Parentline to consider how you can add to the success of Parentline`s achievements. We encourage you to make a philanthropic gift at a level that you feel able. This gift can be made in a number of ways and over a time frame to suit. Please refer to the donation form below. All donations will be received gratefully. You will receive a receipt to enable you to claim the tax deduction.

You can make a difference in the following ways:


A gift in your will to the Parentline Charitable Trust will help make a difference for the future. Naturally, it’s important that you look after your family/whanau first, but even leaving a portion of what remains to the Parentline Charitable Trust can help us transform the future for sufferers of child abuse, neglect and family violence.

Have you made a will?

If you have not made a will, we strongly suggest that you do so, whether you decide to leave something to Parentline or not. If you do not make a will, when you die the law will decide how your estate is to be disposed of. This may not be in accordance with your wishes. For a small fee, a solicitor will draw up a will for you.

Should you wish to leave money, or any other item, to the Parentline Charitable Trust your solicitor will be happy to include your wishes. If you have already made a will, you can ask your solicitor to add a ‘codicil’, or you can make a fresh will.

Why you should use a solicitor

It’s important that professional advice is used to ensure there will be no dispute over your will, so that your estate is dealt with in the way you wish. This information is offered to help solicitors, trust officials and others engaged in advising people who may wish to name The Parentline Charitable Trust as a beneficiary in wills or trusts.

Recommended wording for your will

A Specific Bequest:

‘I give and bequeath to THE PARENTLINE CHARITABLE TRUST whose office is at 48 Palmerston St, Hamilton, the sum of $____________ dollars for its general purposes, and I declare that the acknowledgement in writing by the Secretary or other authorised officer thereof shall be a sufficient discharge to my Trustees of this bequest.’

A Residual Bequest:

‘Subject as aforesaid I give, devise and bequeath the whole (or a _____________ share) of the residue of my estate whatsoever and wheresoever both real and personal to THE PARENTLINE CHARITABLE TRUST whose office is at 48 Palmerston St, Hamilton, the sum of $____________ dollars for its general purposes, and I declare that the acknowledgement in writing by the Secretary or other authorised officer thereof shall be a sufficient discharge to my Trustees of this bequest.’

Both the above provide for leaving a bequest for general purposes. If you wish to add any other conditions, you should ask your solicitor to draw up wording appropriate to your wishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I leave to the Parentline Charitable Trust?

We will be grateful for any bequest. You may wish to leave a specific sum of money or some property, which we can convert to funds (a SPECIFIC legacy). Alternatively you may wish to leave a ‘residue’, which is the amount left after you have made your other bequests.

Can I say what the money is to be used for?

Yes, you can make a qualification in your will that the money is to be used for a specific purpose. We will ensure that your wishes are fully complied with.

Can I make any conditions, eg, if the Trust adopts policies I would have disagreed with?

Yes, you can appoint an executor to your will, and leave specific instructions about the conditions you wish to impose. These will be complied with.

Can I change my mind about my will?

Yes, even if you have made a will you can, at any time, make changes to it.

How does the Parentline Charitable Trust get my money?

Unless you wish to, you are not obligated to inform The Parentline Charitable Trust of your intentions at any stage during your life. On your death, your executor will contact The Parentline Charitable Trust and the appropriate arrangements can be made.

Who can I talk to for more information?

Either consult your solicitor or contact the Chief Executive Parentline Charitable Trust, (Phone: +64 7 8394536) who will discuss your possible legacy with complete confidentiality.

What do I do now?

If you wish to leave a bequest, simply consult your solicitor, either to amend your existing will or to draw up a new one.

We invite you to request discussion with the Chairperson of the Board or Chief Executive.

No matter how small or large the financial gift, property or asset you choose to bequest, it is greatly appreciated. All bequest income is invested prudently to recognise the achievement of a lifetime’s saving. If you choose to make an investment in the Parentline Charitable Trust with a bequest, please let us know so we can thank you personally. Too often, we only hear of a donor’s generosity and thoughtfulness after their passing. We would very much appreciate the opportunity to show our gratitude during the bequestor’s lifetime if you choose this option.