Strategic Plan / New Initiatives


Keeping children safe from abuse and family violence.


We are committed to:

  • Affirming Parentline’s authority as THE Child Advocate for the prevention of abuse and family violence.
  • Providing professional evidence based counselling & therapy for children who have been abused and/or witnessed domestic violence.
  • Engaging in research and development activities in the prevention of child abuse, family violence and child advocacy.
  • Establishing an education & training function for counselors & therapists.

Guiding Principles

We will achieve our vision and priorities through:

  • Underpinning commitment to Treaty of Waitangi, United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child, United Nations Declaration of Human Rights
  • Excellence & professional integrity in the eyes of our clients, stakeholders and the sector to enhance & facilitate our ability to work collaboratively and in partnership.
  • Strengthening the organisation to ensure an enduring foundation for the development and implementation of core business activities.
  • Learning through research and evaluation to ensure we are making progress, maximising impact and being effective.
  • Alignment & targeting of all that Parentline does to concentrate our efforts on achieving our strategic priorities.
  • Adding value by leveraging our resources and working with our partners to improve performance and achieve greater impact across the sector.

Strategic Priorities

Investment priorities that will guide our decision making :

Advocating for children
Parentline will invest in:

  • Strategies to ensure the child’s voice is heard
  • Relationships & partnerships with stakeholders and communities.

Access to high quality services
Parentline will invest in:

  • Qualified people
  • Best practice
  • Sound governance and management
  • Robust infrastructure, systems and processes
  • Being a good employer

Evidence based practice
Parentline will invest in:

  • Providing empirical evidence to support  effective strategies
  • Producing innovative strategies

Skilled Workforce
Parentline will invest in:

  • Developing workforce potential within Parentline and across the sector.

Secure Funding
Parentline will invest in:

  • Sourcing long term sustainable funding
  • Consolidating core funding streams
  • Growth and development funding

R18 Means R18

This Parentline research project focused on the video gaming habits of Hamilton
children. It was conducted with the aim of increasing our understanding of their
engagement with digital worlds and to foster strategies for their continued but safe
engagement with interactive technologies.
The research surveyed 1187 children aged five?14 years. Most of them are in what is
termed their ‘middle childhood’, which corresponds with their first nine years of
schooling. The views of their parents/caregivers were also sought.
The study is underpinned by the shared Parentline mission – ‘Safe Children, Safe
Families, Safe City’.

To read a copy of this report click here.