Alternative Care Families

By Parentline, 9 May 2011

Awesome Carers needed for Parentline

Do you have the heart and time for children who need a few days away from their family?

Children often need a short break away for all sorts of reasons

Most of us have family or friends who can help out at these times       –       Some just don’t!!

This is how you could help out

Parentline is seeking applications from caring adults from six to eight homes to provide short term respite care for children attending helping agencies in Hamilton.  Generally, the time required for children and caregivers to have a break from one another is over a two to three day period.

Parentline considers the safety, welfare and interests of children are the paramount considerations so thorough vetting and ongoing assessment of caregivers is required to ensure that there are no safety and/or protection issues.

Awesome Carers may choose when they are able to provide care: how many children they could care for and the age group and gender of children that they would prefer.

We would welcome inquiries from experienced carers as well as others who would like to be trained in this role. Full training and support is provided to prepare and assist all carers to fulfill these vital positions which will mean so much to the children and family concerned.   Care costs are reimbursed at nationally standardized bed-night rates for each child.

If you would like to know more about this opportunity or apply to open your home to children please phone Parentline at 839 4536 and ask for Peter Edmonds or email