Family Violence Resources now available from Te Rito Rodney

By Parentline, 23 September 2011

Upon the disbanding of the Safer Families Violence Prevention Network on the North Shore of Auckland, Te Rito Rodney were gifted the popular and well known training videos and DVD’s; Someone’s Daughter, The Children are Watching and Afraid to Ask. These training resources have been widely used in the training of family violence for professionals and in family violence group programmes. We are grateful to the former Safer Families Violence Prevention Network Management Committee for identifying Te Rito Rodney as the recipient of these.


As a result of this, Te Rito Rodney is pleased to announce that these valuable resources are now available for purchase. Attached is an order form for your purchase. All pricing is inclusive of postage and handling. I have provided a synopsis of each DVD available below in case you are unfamiliar with these resources and to assist you in your purchase:


Someone’s Daughter – available in Video and DVD format:

Distinguishes the interface between the theory and reality of victims of family violence by demonstrating this through 3 women who talk about how they came to be in an abusive relationship; what kept them there; what helped them to leave. Their stories are then reinforced by professionals within the Family Violence field. The DVD aims to increase understanding of the dynamics of power and control and decrease the assumptions and judgements made about victims.


The Children are Watching – available in Video and DVD format:

Illustrates how witnessing family violence has profound effects upon children in every area of their lives. It assists in dispersing the myth that children are not affected by family violence if they do not sight it. Children and adults who grew up with family violence talk frankly about its huge impact upon their own lives and talks with Mothers about how family violence impacted upon their ability to parent.


Afraid to Ask – available ONLY in DVD format:

This DVD is a guide to screening and risk assessment. It has been developed to assist professionals in the government and community sector in conducting routine screening of women for family violence. It aims to build confidence, understanding and knowledge for professionals whose expertise may not be in the area of assessing the risk associated to family violence. It covers the practical application of delivering risk assessment and screening.

To order any of these please email